Improving the world, one meal at a time

We worked alongside the GIVE Kitchen team to bring to life the goodness they’re doing. GIVE Kitchen are a challenger brand who want to save the planet one meal at a time, a ‘Buy one, Give one’ company that donate meals to those in need for every meal you buy. We love what they do and wanted to create a brand that did justice to their own ethics.  And we’re thrilled with the results.


The logo we created is mainly typographical with the concept of the giving ‘g’ representing what GIVE does, creating a strong hidden message within the logo that stands for doing good, subtly capturing their personality without intruding or being too preachy.

It stands strong on its own, but also works well backed up with strong statements and overlaid on photography.


We also created a 20 page A6 GIVE booklet which acted as a strong introduction into who GIVE are and why they’re unique. The booklet presented their personality and purpose, helping their members capture the extreme goodness they are being a part of.