Kirstys Meals

We were approached by Kirsty Henshaw, who you may remember appeared on Dragons Den.

This mum with a passion secured funding for her idea of free from meals. Born out of love for her son, who has intolerance’s to Gluten & Dairy.

The problem this brand faced was that their advertising didn’t communicate the health aspects of the meals.

Kirsty wanted to communicate to those who run a busy life, but don’t want to compromise eating healthy.

We came up with a concept that revolved around the quickness of her microwaved meals which take but 5 minutes to prepare. We illustrated this by using a meal on a plate, that references a clock face – with large eye-catching typography that sends a clear, direct message to the consumer explaining that these meals are naturally healthy, for busy lifestyles.

Following this, we were tasked with a re-fresh across all of the packagings for Kirsty’s Meals.

We retained our original concept from the advertising, but this time we pulled out a ‘quick list’ of the best super-foods within the ingredients to form a consistent typography identity that allows the consumer to quickly identify the health aspect of the meals. Completely fuss-free.