Itch Pet designing the brand

Itch approached the team at Underexposed to help them craft their brand story. Including a suite of brand assets the team can use in campaigns and digital content. We took a deep dive in to the core of the brand, exploring what the team and the product offering stand for.
The winning brand direction captures the essence of Itch’s ethos. Putting your pet first in an engaging and human friendly tone. The key brand asset was the use of spots. These capture the idea of fleas whilst being abstract. The spots are a versatile device that symbolise the brand and work on different media types.
Following the brand design our in house UX designer crafted the user journey. Focussing on directing users from the landing page through to subscription sign up. This formed the basis on the web design stage.
The Underexposed team then crafted the website design to fit with the brand and user journey. Most importantly throughout the process Itch helped shape the final delivery.
Itch’s website has recently launched here 
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