We’re a brand and digital studio who specialise in helping founders connect their ideas to the world

We’re curious

You can’t connect without curiosity. We love to uncover the little things no-one has before and we do our best work when we have a proper understanding of our partners, their ambitions, and the new ways they are doing things. That’s when we can really create stand-out brand work that has impact.

Getting stuck in with Waldo on the miniatures photoshoot.

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We make it happen

We do what we need to make an impact and deliver our clients’ ideas to customers. It’s never one-size-fits-all and it’s always focused on the end game. We identify a problem, find a solution, and offer the tools to solve it.

Sleeping Patterns brought warmth and everyday life to the brand, highlighting human benefit alongside technology of the mattress.

The shoot took 2 days, over 25 people involved, 12 volunteers including graffiti artists, lighting, set builders – the photography team; Sane Seven and 8 models

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We keep it real

We’re people people. So we like making connections, with clients, with partners, and collaborators - as people, not an agency. To do that we cut the bluster, are totally open and don’t big ourselves up like a pufferfish.




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Working with

Underexposed is a team of incredibly passionate and talented creatives and developers. They have been fundamental to building Waldo to what we are today!

Founder & CEO - Waldo

Underexposed go above and beyond.
By getting to the heart of our story they created something more than the sum of its parts. They developed a brand that works brilliantly across all mediums and gives us real stand-out in the market.

Founder & CEO - Itch

Underexposed helped us stand out. They understood us from the start and became part of the team. We’ve now got a flexible brand we can really run with.

Founder & CEO - Hirehand

The team at Underexposed have been an outstanding and integral creative partner for Apex since inception. A super-talented bunch of designers and developers - and a pleasure to work with.

Co-Founder - Apex

Underexposed are a huge part of the team and have been with us right from the start. They were instrumental in helping to shape our vision and their creative insights and ideas have been vital in making sure we cut through, and win in a very noisy sector.

Founder & CEO - Simba

Underexposed were exactly what we needed. They are agile and efficient and super creative, helping us understand the problem we were trying to solve and bringing great solutions. Thanks to their work, insight and direction our brand has real equity, is smart and full of potential. Oh and they are just great people and a joy to work with.

CEO & Co-Founder – Neat

The Underexposed team have delivered above and beyond our expectations. They have been essential in developing our brand from just a rough idea into a beautiful and compelling multi-touch experience. We would highly recommend them.

Co-Founder's – Untamed