Getting into bed with AI

AI: friend or foe? It’s a question that’s been asked, again, and again… and again… by the creative industries over the past year.

At Underexposed we think it has the potential to be both. But what we realised recently is it’s definitely something else to add to our problem-solving locker.

We’re all about finding better ways to do things. Thinking creatively to tackle challenges.

Recently Simba asked us to help them get the message out about their Mattress Collection -bringing high-tech sleep to a hotel near you soon – and we had to think a bit outside the box.

Planning the photoshoot we realised we were logistically a bit up against it.

We wanted to place different mattresses in different hotel room setups. The rooms were perfect, obviously the mattresses were too, but shooting the two together was going to be tricky.

We were tight on space within the rooms to get the perfect shots and tight on budget (and time) to get the mattresses there.

If only there was a way to magically bring the room and the mattress together… AI, AI…

Enter some out the box thinking from our creative team:

“We decided to shoot the mattresses in the studio and use AI to create the hotel room around them. But getting the mattress to really look at home in the AI rooms took some careful planning.

We had to create the AI image in Midjourney first and then match the lighting in the studio the image. We then retouched the images together in Photoshop.”

The results? Pretty awesome we think. With less strain on backs, and budgets.

Our takeaways from getting under the sheets with AI? For us it won’t ever be the process, but it definitely can be part of it – especially when logistics are causing us some sleepless nights…