Let’s mix things up.

Our planet deserves better. Less plastic and less pollution. So, Neat have come up with a Neat solution. A solution with no single-use plastic and no shipping water needlessly around the world. Less waste, more cleaning power, and floors that smell AMAZING.

How we helped

Neat are on a mission to keep things clean, simple, and positive. So we developed a positioning and brand that reflects this.
Visually we took inspiration from the concentrate bottle and designed a brand system that uses graphic patterns, burst of neat 'dots' and quirky product arrangements. And we gave Neat a voice that tells it like it is. Using just the right words, at the right time.
A Neat brand, for a Neat product. Changing the world one INCREDIBLE smelling home at a time.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding Identity
  • Tone of Voice