Waldo Founders Focus

Launching a new brand takes guts. We know all too well the challenges that come with it – and even more the passion that drives it. So we’re excited to launch Founder Focus. Looking at the ups and downs of making the leap and what Founders learned along the way.
First up we chatted to @ashleighhinde Founder of @waldo_vision And asker her: What one piece of advice would you give to Founders? Here’s what she had to say…
“A humble and gritty team is super important. Look for candidates that show empathy for their teams and true hands-on building experience when you’re hiring. Culture is a hard thing to unwind if you have started to build it incorrectly and a few bad players can really damage a great company early”

What’s your proudest founder moment?

“Launching in the US because it was such a big personal and company milestone. Events where the whole team comes together also makes me super proud, I try and take a step back and feel so proud to be working with that group of people and grateful that they chose Waldo.”

How do you separate work and home life?

“I don’t think it’s possible when you’re an entrepreneur – my mind always swings back to Waldo, but accepting that is better than trying to force it off your mind and getting resentful. In my experience allowing work thinking while you’re relaxed is super important for brainstorming and has been the source of a lot of new ideas for me. I do now take dedicated time away from phones and emails on weekends and holidays to spend with friends and family so that even if I think about Waldo, I am not distracted by constant inbound emails and texts. “